Discovering Miami

Last updated on April 29th, 2024 at 12:47 pm

Discovering Miami

Discovering Miami

Miami is a popular holiday destination known for its diverse array of exciting attractions that provide visitors with endless options for entertainment. While the beaches and city shopping are some of the most common destinations, there are those who want to experience Miami in a way that is not typical of the average tourist.

For those looking to live like a local while they are visiting, it’s important to step off the beaten path and try new things. This could mean not immediately heading to South Beach and instead opting for a unique perspective by renting a yacht and taking a scenic cruise through Miami’s waterways.

When it comes to dining, Miami offers an experience like no other. Instead of sticking to familiar places, visitors should try new restaurants and ask local chefs for recommendations on dishes to try. Pubbelly Sushi and Lucali are popular among locals and offer a chance for visitors to sample new and exciting cuisine.

For a relaxed evening, visitors can head to Bodega or The Sweet Liberty for a drink and a chance to take in the local atmosphere. If it’s time to let loose and party, the Bay Club in South Beach is a popular local hangout that offers a more intimate experience without the overwhelming crowds of tourists.

In Miami, locals love to get around on scooters and it’s a unique way to see the city. Hiring a scooter during your trip can make a huge impact on your experience and allow you to see Miami in a new light as you wind through its backstreets, leaving a smaller carbon footprint than you would have otherwise.

Aside from its world-famous cars, Miami offers a range of transportation options for visitors to explore. From scooters to yachts, there is something for everyone looking to experience Miami like a local. Whether it’s trying new restaurants, relaxing in local hangouts, or exploring the city in a unique way, visitors are sure to have an unforgettable experience that truly captures the essence of Miami.