Terms Of Service

Last updated on April 16th, 2024 at 02:31 pm

Terms Of Service

Think Expansion is a group of marketing experts who work on a month to month retainer. As a client of Think Expansion you are agreeing to work with Think Expansion, and provide their monthly retainer every month until cancelled in writing. 

As long as you are pleasant to work with, you are teachable and coachable, you do not switch up ideas in the middle of the month, and you are responsive to us we will in return have a good business relationship. Please do not call often after business hours, and do schedule a call where we could address any concerns you may have. 

We also do not do ANY refunds. Once our systems are on they’re on. This is just the nature of what we do, every month is a very calculated move that takes a while for our team to come up with. Communication is the best way to form a positive business relationship.

A receipt of payment will be provided upon request of this automatically withdrawn transaction. IF a customer decides to dispute a transaction for whatever reason, they will be put on mybadcustomer.com  

With an honest review of this client, warning other business owners to think twice before doing business with them, and denying them of service if they need to. We hope we will not have to do this because we honestly dislike doing this