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About Think Expansion

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Goals Met

2011 - Present

Growth Hacking Begins

Think Expansion was founded


The Discovery

When Think Expansion observed Social Media rolling out to everyone’s cell-phones we knew we were onto something. Just the fact that everyone was always checing their phone, how everyone downloaded so many apps that did the same thing as their message application did, only niched to only one thing. After all, why would anyone want to use an application that was more useless than the one invented before that? Shouldn’t it have more features? Well- we noticed the attention everyone put on it, and that is when we opened up a social media division to carefully observe where this trend was going. After all, all big ideas start with a trend.


The Expansion

Social media is huge at this point. At what we believe is the peak of its existance instagram now rolls out the most effecient photo sharing app on the market. People are joining like crazy, and everyone becomes obsessed on what they should post, and how they should word things. This is when we’ve created our first E-Commerce accounts for our clients. We thought that by interacting with the consumer as their friend, they would not only generate traffic, and make sales, but accrue customers for life.

We were right!

First few E-commerce stores sold out, and Instagram accounts were being sold for tens of thousands of dollars to other companies who wanted a piece of the pie. now of course, this was beyond our control, because if we could- we would’ve kept the accounts, and done something new with it. We may always suggest but it’s our clients right to do as he wishes.


The Present.


Social Media

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Services Offered

Web Development
Ordering Interface
PPC (Pay Per Click)
Social Media Growth Hacking


David Eversole

“Think Expansion gave me the best work, the quickest response time, the most mind-blowing sales funnels I’ve ever seeen! The owner breaks things down to such a science, he is truly passionate and they all really care about me and what I do.”

Isabella Ninno

“I’ve seen good marketing, and I’ve seen bad marketing. Think Expansion shows you great marketing, every single time- the transparency is incredible.”


Our E-commerce store always sells out, and the funny thing is i never expected this. It’s a new, and innovative product that no one has, and everyone told me this business was going to fail. Well glad I’ve proved them wrong. Looks like we got the right person for the right job.”