How To Be Successful On OnlyFans

Last updated on October 18th, 2023 at 11:26 am

How To Be Successful On OnlyFans, Fansly, Fancentro And More!

Tips For Total OnlyFans or Fansly Success!

Before we start, if you’re ready to promote your OnlyFans and make plenty of money doing so we support all platforms! Especially promoting fansly, premium snapchats, fancentro and more!

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The question is, can you?

Content monetization sites link OnlyFans have been popping up all over the web, with new opportunities on making money online- for content creators has never been easier! The coolest part? It makes money much quicker than any other platform!

If you’re new, or a seasoned veteran and you’re just looking for new ways to expand your following then you’ve came to the right place! Just read on, and take notes. 

The secret to becoming super-successful on OnlyFans is actually in the strategies you’re using to run your own mass messages, pay-per-view, locked posts, fundraisers, and of course it’ll result in more money than you’ve ever imagined possible.

1. Quit being basic and think outside the box!

Did you expect anything boring or ordinary from some cheap low-value and conventional wisdom website? Jokes on you kid! You’re at and we’re here to blow your mind! (Not in that fashion) 

Look, anyone can tell you that you have to promote your Fansly, or Fancentro on your social media channels but you didn’t come here for that! You have to get crazy, you have to start paying attention to the matrix and looking for the cheat code!

Piece together new ideas, create systems! Maybe you’re a social media savvy person, maybe you’re not and either way this is just to tell you that you’ve got to think big and think expansion! So maybe you can leverage your social media channels, well so what? You gonna just give your OnlyFans to everyone who knew you back in high school or university?

Maybe some of your cousins as well so they can talk trash about you back at your grandmas place? I don’t think so Jack! We’re here to take heads like the wu tang clan! So let’s look at it closely…

2. Using Social Media's (The Best Way)

Wowwww cool, you learned to post 100 times a day on Instagram, or reddit, maybe even on Pinterest to drive minor forms of traffic in how impressive! I can’t stand all the horrible info given in this industry, no one gives you something of substance!

The truth is you only have 2 ways to do this on social media if you want to build up a new following from scratch. (Which you should always) 

  1. 1. You can use some kind of botting service to DM, comment, or even follow a boat load of people who are already followers of people that look like you! This is one of the best ways, but it is also a little risky because this can get you to completely lose your account. (So always have back-ups)
2. Use those botting services to ask for shoutout per shoutout opportunities with other creators (the cheapest way) 

This is where you simply message creators around who share similar hashtags, and ask this: ‘sfs?’ They’ll let you know if they’re open to it or not (usually they will be as long as you have some kind of following.) 

Pro Tip: You must have a similar amount of following/engagement to them! 

3. Investing In Shoutouts

Allright, time to talk about the big elephant in the room, since most people seem to get quite confused on how instagram shoutouts work, and how they help you become more successful on OnlyFans, Fansly, or any other platform for that matter.

Everyone thinks Instagram shoutouts might be the best thing to promote your OnlyFans, I mean c’mon! If you had a big shoutout from Megan Fox or something– you’d probably get a TON of clout right?

Let me tell you how this really works

The truth is less than 10% of your audience on Instagram actually sees a post at any given time, so you might not get as much clout as possible, unless your content is actually amazing! So focus on taking vids/pics that are really engaging!

If you’re wondering how to get shoutouts from big pages at reasonable prices just click the button below, fill out the form and we’ll get you started!

4. Pay Per Views, Mass Messages And More Tips

The bulk of your income should be coming from mass messaging and tips, why? Because the club doesn’t make money at the door! 

The club makes money on selling drinks to the men who come in. As should you all, the heart of making money on OnlyFans, Fansly, Pocketstars, Peachly, or any other service lies in your ability to hustle!

The best thing you can do is be online as often as possible! Our team is online actually 16 hours+ per account we manage, and one of the biggest most useful techniques is in fact catching prospects online as they are!


A simple ‘hey you there?’ Text can actually go a pretty long way! 

Since they’re online, they’re practically shopping around for content to buy- or they’re just watching content they’ve already purchased. If you’re going to be massively successful on OnlyFans, or Fansly you need to be ready to do some cold approaching!

What that means- is talking to them, and offering them something to buy for tips! Now usually they’re going to say NO! But it’s your job to keep strong and overcome those no’s and turn those no’s into tips!

We actually have scripts to help you catch them, push all the right buttons and pull more tips from them! If you’d like to purchase them, you can fill out the form below, and a rep will be in touch to figure out what’s the best script for you.

5. Content Is Key!

One of the biggest problems we see here at Think Expansion is the amount of low-quality content. Not enough lighting, not a good angle, taken with a potato etc etc.

Your photos don’t have to look 4k quality HD! In fact, if they get THAT HD, then they actually stop selling as much!

When it comes to OnlyFans Marketing and how To be successful on OnlyFans you just need to have a decent angle, and decent lighting and you will be able to take this very very far! Beyond that, just practice, and when in doubt look up what others are posting and imitate the content yourself!

6. Subscription Price

Aaah, the thing that everyone talks about, and the thing that has so many people on edge. Do you even set a subscription price? Do you not?

At Think Expansion we partner with models to completely manage and promote their OnlyFans or Fansly accounts and take it to new heights while we work day and night, the model can relax and enjoy their life! 

After a long time of doing this we’ve found subscription prices are great, but it’s better if you don’t have one. Why?

You’ll eventually get the free audience to tip, and the audience will be given the option to just buy the content that’s on the wall for even more!

So let’s say someone pays a subscription of $10 per month, versus someone who buys 5 posts at $3 each…

That’s $10 vs. $15! 

Granted, not everyone is going to be buying from the wall as often as we wish, but eventually they will! You just need to keep pushing, promoting, and of course being yourself!

The End... Kind Of?..

These techniques are perfect for your OnlyFans growth! In fact, they’ve been used in house on our team for since we started this!

The thing is that of course, this takes a lot of time! Normally we work 16 hours straight on an account just to reach our goals! If you don’t have that kind of time, or money to invest, we can do it all for you!

Our program consist of a commission only split, we become business partners with you on your OnlyFans account, you have to do nothing but provide content consistently and we make you money passively and even grow your income! 

Yes! Money, clout, recognition, and a whole working business 24/7 all with Think Expansion at $0 upfront!! Ready to take advantage of the opportunity? Click the button below, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch with you ASAP!