Cruise Sail Away from Miami Florida

Last updated on April 29th, 2024 at 12:50 pm

Cruise Sail Away from Miami Florida

Cruise Sail Away from Miami Florida

Miami, Florida is a popular departure port for cruises, offering a scenic and picturesque sail away experience. Before setting sail, it’s recommended to be on deck early to take in the view from the dock, which showcases the stunning Biscayne Bay, Miami skyline and the Macarthur Causeway. The view is simply breathtaking and provides ample opportunity for capturing stunning photos. It’s important to reserve a spot early to get the best view, whether that’s on the highest open deck, port side balcony or even out on the lower open deck.

The sail away usually starts in the late afternoon, and the Miami port is home to several cruise ships, so the departure time may vary depending on the destination and port traffic. If you’re lucky enough to depart at sunset, you’ll be treated to breathtaking skies over Miami that change color with the setting sun. During the sail away, it’s not uncommon to see sailboats and yachts passing by, and floatplanes taking off and landing from a tour operator directly across from the ship. All of these elements combine to create a unique and memorable experience.

As the ship begins to move, take advantage of the opportunity to capture the Miami skyline in all its glory, including wide shots of the buildings, bridges, marinas and yachts, as well as close-up details of the impressive architecture. The channel is also busy with sailboats and yachts passing by, and floatplanes taking off and landing from a tour operator directly across from the ship, providing plenty of photo opportunities.

As you sail down the channel, enjoy watching the rush hour traffic on the causeway, passing by harbors, marinas and the Fisher Island ferry boat terminal. Keep an eye out for the colorful and unique condo towers as you approach Miami Beach and the sea, which are mainly on the north side of the channel. These towers, along with the panoramic views of Miami Beach, provide a beautiful backdrop for your photos.

As you leave Miami behind and continue your journey, Miami Beach will curve out ahead of you, offering a beautiful panoramic view, especially if the sun is low and casting nice colors on the sky. This breathtaking view is one that you’ll remember for a long time. In just a matter of minutes, you’ll be out to sea and ready to start your adventure.

Sailing away from Miami, Florida is a unique and memorable experience that combines the beauty of the local scenery and architecture with the excitement of being on a cruise ship. Whether you’re an experienced cruiser or taking your first cruise, this sail away experience is one you won’t want to miss. So, be sure to get on deck early, capture stunning photos, and enjoy the sail away from Miami, Florida.