How To Start an OnlyFans

Last updated on October 18th, 2023 at 12:30 pm

How To Start An OnlyFans Account

So finally! It’s about time you jump on your entrepreneur wagon and you’re ready to venture out into the land of the unknown! You’re about to start an OnlyFans account to have a BRAND NEW source of income!

Congratulations! I’m proud of you, you’re one step closer to financial freedom, and that means one step closer to hopefully working with us!

The first thing you want to do is click this link! It’ll take you over to the set-up page: https://onlyfans.com/

Once you’ve hit the link you’re going to want to enter your name (Which for now doesn’t have to be your real name!)  And your email!

how to start an onlyfans

Starting an OnlyFans (In Steps)

Starting an OnlyFans is easy! 

1) In the picture above you’ll be able to see it’s asking you for your basic info, just go ahead and fill that out, and then it’ll take you to a page where it’ll ask for you to confirm your email!

2) Once you click the button and confirm your email, the link in your email will take you back to the page where you can either sign up to be a creator, or to be a customer! If you are a customer, you don’t have to worry about whether or not creators can see your real name once you add your card! You would be anonymous unless you literally put your real name in your username!

3) As a creator? You’re going to have to go to the ‘Banking’ section now, so you can BANK!

singing up for onlyfans as a creator

To get to banking you’re gonna want to click more, and then go to ‘banking.’

From then on, OnlyFans is going to make you put in your phone number to set up 2-step authentication. Insert your phone number, and add all the details they ask of you!

I know, that sounds way to simple; but OnlyFans wants to make sure you’re 100% the person you say you are, and there’s no way possible you can represent anyone else on the platform. This means you’re going to also have to insert a social media that has over 5 selfies of you to be sure its actually you! Make sure to put that social media on public by the way!

Verifying My OnlyFans

After you’ve followed those 3 (technically 4) easy steps above now you’re probably going to be taken to a page that’s going to demand you wait 24- 48 hours for verification. At this point you probably have quite a few thoughts running through your head like:

OnlyFans Promotion

OnlyFans Management

(Those sentences are clickable by the way^)

While you’re researching that I should probably remind you when you want to start an OnlyFans you should keep in mind that verification can take a few attempts. Since OnlyFans isn’t as efficient in their verification process, many models get hit with a ‘your ID was unclear’ and demand for resubmission.

In some cases you might even be attempting to verify 4 or 5 times, but if you’re at your 12th time or 15th time just like I’ve seen some creators go through in this ridiculous sign-up process you should simply re-try a new account and start again.

How To Start An OnlyFans Without Face

So maybe you want to be a model and start an OnlyFans without showing face. That’s very possible! Especially if you have the talent that wouldn’t really require you to show your face. 

You would need to forage it a little though, take better quality pictures, get more exciting with your angles and even take more content then your usual OnlyFans model to appease your audience. This being said your audience is going to beg and even offer money to see who their favorite faceless creator might be, but maybe you have a career that you don’t want anyone to discover you- or maybe you just don’t want your partner to find out or anything. 

This is fine, start an OnlyFans without showing your face is a very doable thing and something we partner with creators who want to enter in this realm all the time! If you’re willing to we could partner with you and do this all for you, no money down necessary for talented individuals!

How To Start An OnlyFans Without Followers

Okay so now we’ve got into the daunting stuff. The very hard thing that’s kind of on everybody’s mind once they’ve finally verified their OnlyFans, and it’s time to roll up their sleeves and get greasy! So how do we do this?

We have no social media persona, no big social-media following, no connections to anyone remotely famous, and oh yeah! We also have no money… Did I mention the fact that I want this whole thing to be a secret so no one near me finds out? 

Well… That does make things quite difficult but, like I always say nothing is impossible! ‘If you can see it in your head, you can hold it in your hand.’ 

What you’re going to want to do is start all your social media profiles, and start posting, using hashtags, as frequent as possible. Also, reach out to other models and ask them to do a shout for shout! Of course with models that look more similar to you, with similar yet somewhat-better than you statistics!

It’s going to take some time and definitely some hard work for you to lift this up from the ground, but there’s also a much easier solution…

Just partner with us.

We’re experienced digital marketing professionals!

partner with an onlyfans manager

Models working with Think Expansion receive not just friendship, money, or a business partner for many many things. Models with Think Expansion are family! Our commitment is to always overcome every obstacle, always hustle for new opportunities, and of course we dedicate ourselves to breaking all time high every week!

Now that you have learnt how to start an OnlyFans, we can do wonders. With your content, and our expertise of marketing and sales we could do very big things together! All it takes is good energy, and the desire to grow for something very small to grow into something very very big! 

Think Expansion!