How to Report a Fake Page on OnlyFans or Fansly: Protecting Your Online Identity

Last updated on April 18th, 2024 at 12:33 pm

How to Report a Fake Page on OnlyFans or Fansly: Protecting Your Online Identity

In recent years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of scammers creating fake profiles on adult subscription websites like Fansly and OnlyFans. These fraudsters deceive unsuspecting followers by impersonating popular Instagram creators and using their images and videos to make money. This unethical practice not only steals the hard work of content creators but also undermines the trust and integrity of these platforms.

How to Report a Fake Page on OnlyFans or Fansly: Protecting Your Online Identity

As a content creator, it is essential to be aware of these fraudulent activities and take proactive measures to protect your online identity. In this article, we will explore the steps you can take to report a fake page on Fansly or OnlyFans, safeguarding your reputation and ensuring a safe environment for your fans.

Understanding Fansly and OnlyFans

Before we delve into the process of reporting fake pages on Fansly and OnlyFans, let’s first gain a better understanding of these platforms. Fansly and OnlyFans are popular adult-content subscription websites that allow creators to upload videos, pictures, and live sessions. While primarily known for adult content, these platforms also welcome content from various other niches and genres.

To access premium content on Fansly or OnlyFans, fans are required to pay a subscription fee. These platforms facilitate secure payment transactions through various payment gateways, ensuring a seamless experience for both creators and subscribers.

The Rise of Fake Pages

Unfortunately, the rise of fake pages on Fansly and OnlyFans has become a significant concern for content creators. Scammers create fake accounts and exploit the popularity of established creators by using their public photos or videos to entice people into subscribing to their fraudulent content. These impostors profit from the hard work and efforts of genuine creators, jeopardizing their income and reputation.

Moreover, these fraudsters often replicate creators’ accounts on other social media platforms, linking them to their fake Fansly or OnlyFans profiles. This creates an illusion that the genuine creator is copying content from the scammer’s account, leading to further confusion and deception.

Report a Fake Page: Taking Action

If you discover that someone has created a fake page on Fansly or OnlyFans using your identity, it is crucial to take immediate action. By following the appropriate reporting procedures, you can protect yourself and your followers from falling victim to these scams. Here are the steps you can take:

1. Review the Terms of Service

Before reporting a fake page, familiarize yourself with the Terms of Service (TOS) and Terms and Conditions of the platform you are using. Each platform has specific guidelines and policies that outline prohibited activities and user behavior. By understanding these rules, you can ensure that your complaint aligns with the platform’s policies, increasing the chances of a swift resolution.

2. Identify TOS Violations

When reporting a fake page on Fansly or OnlyFans, emphasize any violations of the platform’s Terms of Service. These violations may include copying or faking content, engaging in harmful or illegal activities, or using threatening or defamatory language. By clearly outlining these violations in your report, you provide the platform with the necessary information to take appropriate action against the scammer.

3. Report Copyright Infringement

Copyright infringement is a serious offense, and if someone has stolen your content, it is essential to report it immediately. Many platforms, including Fansly and OnlyFans, have robust procedures in place to handle such complaints. By reporting copyright infringement under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) policy, you can ensure that the platform investigates the matter and takes appropriate action against the perpetrator.

4. Report Abuse

If the fake page holder engages in abusive behavior, such as harassment or intimidation, it is crucial to report these actions to the platform. Fansly and OnlyFans have strict policies against abusive behavior and reserve the right to investigate and ban users who violate these guidelines. By reporting instances of abuse, you contribute to maintaining a safe and respectful environment for all users.

5. Report Spam Activities

Spam activities can be detrimental to the reputation and credibility of content creators. If the fake page contains misleading, low-quality, repetitive, or inauthentic content, it is important to report it as spam. Fansly and OnlyFans have mechanisms in place to detect and address spam activities. By reporting spam, you help maintain the integrity of the platform and protect the interests of genuine creators and subscribers.

6. Gather Evidence

When reporting a fake page, it is crucial to gather evidence to support your complaint. Take screenshots or record any instances of the scammer using your content or engaging in fraudulent activities. This evidence will strengthen your case and provide the platform with a clear understanding of the situation.

7. Contact Platform Support

Once you have gathered the necessary evidence and identified the violations, reach out to the platform’s support team. Submit a detailed report, including all relevant information, such as the URL of the fake page, evidence of the violations, and a clear explanation of the situation. The platform’s support team will review your report and take appropriate action based on their investigation.

8. Follow Up

After reporting the fake page, it is important to follow up with the platform to ensure that your complaint is being addressed. Platforms like Fansly and OnlyFans have dedicated teams that handle reports and investigate fraudulent activities. By staying engaged and providing any additional information requested, you increase the chances of a successful resolution.

9. Promote Awareness

In addition to reporting the fake page, it is crucial to raise awareness among your followers and the online community. Inform your audience about the situation and emphasize the importance of verifying accounts before subscribing or engaging with content. By educating your followers about these fraudulent activities, you empower them to make informed decisions and protect themselves from scams.

10. Protect Yourself

While reporting a fake page is essential, it is equally important to take measures to protect yourself from future incidents. Be vigilant about monitoring your online presence and regularly check for any unauthorized use of your content. Utilize privacy settings and security features provided by the platform to safeguard your account. By staying proactive and implementing security measures, you can minimize the risk of falling victim to impersonation or fraud.


Reporting a fake page on Fansly or OnlyFans is crucial for protecting your online identity and maintaining the integrity of these platforms. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can take appropriate action against scammers and ensure a safe environment for yourself and your followers. Remember to review the platform’s Terms of Service, gather evidence, and report any violations promptly. By promoting awareness and staying proactive, you contribute to the fight against fraudulent activities and help create a more secure online community.