How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

Last updated on May 30th, 2024 at 07:19 am

How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

How to Promote Your Onlyfans On Social Media

I recently made an Onlyfans page, and my friend who is also a professional content creator told me that the hardest part about Onlyfans is not making the content, but getting people to find your page. Once I realized how tough the Onlyfans promo was, I contacted the folks here at Think Expansion who helped me grow my page. If you’re reading this, you probably already realized Onlyfans does not have a search function. So where do you find the fans? To keep it simple, you have to find them yourself or have someone else help you find them. The following are a few great techniques that you can learn to do yourself, or if you have a day job as well, a digital marketing company like us at Think Expansion can help!

How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

1.Reddit Promo for Onlyfans

Promoting on Reddit is the first thing you should be doing as an Onlyfans content creator. You can go directly after your target audience by finding the right subreddits. There are subreddits from every category, from NSFW to SFW. Reddit can be tricky to understand because so many of the subreddits have different rules, but all you need to do is age the account and gain karma by liking posts and commenting on posts for the activity to look organic. It is very time-consuming, however, and most people simply do not have the time to make the posts it takes to achieve success on Reddit. We offer a 6-week growth program for the promo where we can assist with this, so you can focus on making content.


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

2.Instagram Promo for Onlyfans

Instagram and Onlyfans are 2 sides of the same coin. People go on Instagram to look at the hottest girls, cars, celebrities, etc. Unlike Onlyfans however, the grand majority of Instagram scrollers are not spending money. There are also a ton of rules prohibiting adult content on Onlyfans. Yet if this is the case, why do all the hottest Onlyfans girls have huge IG followings? The key is to be discrete, and rather than spamming hashtags about Onlyfans, simply post teasers, bikini pics, and your Onlyfans link in a discrete format such as a Link tree in your bio. Over time, as you gain followers on Instagram, they will become more curious to see what is in your Link tree and find your Onlyfans


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

3.Pornhub Promo for Onlyfans

This one is not for everyone, however, those models who are not shy about starting a career in the adult industry can make a Pornhub promo page to post teaser clips of their content. Potential fans can discover this while browsing Pornhub, and the only way to unlock the rest is to subscribe to your Onlyfans page.


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

4.Twitter Promo for Onlyfans

Twitter Promo is a method similar to Instagram in that people do not necessarily go to Twitter to spend money, but they do love to follow hot Onlyfans girls. Building up an audience on Twitter is a surefire way to trickle it down into your Onlyfans. However, this method does take time, and also you must be aware of Twitter’s rules regarding adult content. Having a Twitter presence does not mean you will have a huge Onlyfans fanbase immediately but like Instagram, all the top content creators do tend to have big Twitter and Instagram pages. You can also contact us at Think Expansion for help with Twitter growth!


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

5.Onlyfans Alternatives for Promo

There are new sites such as Peachy and Fans with smaller user bases, and those can be a great starting point. Some users may prefer those sites for reasons such as billing, security, or ease of use, and their selection of models is smaller than the selection on Onlyfans, so you will have less competition. Whatever the reason may be for someone to prefer Peachily or Fansly, having multiple pages means multiple sources of income in addition to Onlyfans. Peachy and Fans are also slightly more discrete, as most people do not know what those are yet. At Think Expansion we can help you with Onlyfans Promo, Fans Promo, Peachy Promo, and more!


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

6.TikTok Promo for Onlyfans

Any social media user knows that TikTok is the easiest way to go viral in 2021. Since it came out, tons of new influencers have practically become celebrities due to the platform’s ease of use. Just like Instagram, the content cannot be sexually explicit, but TikTok is a great way to show off your unique and fun personality. No one wants to watch a content creator who is reluctantly making the video just to pay the light bill! (trust me the fans can tell you’re not enjoying yourself). But TikTok Promo gives creators a way to show they are more than just adult content creators, you can show off your fun hobbies, personality quirks, etc. (hint: male fans love girls who game). Just be careful not to be too vulgar or sexual or your TikTok promo will most likely be removed.


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

7.Cam Sites for Promo

Using sites such as My free cams for Onlyfans promo is an easy way to increase your following, as fans can often cross over from My free cams to Onlyfans. Similar to using Peachy and Fans to increase your earnings, the more platforms you master, the more you will earn!


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

8.Quora and Blog Promo for Onlyfans

Quora? Isn’t that a writing site? Yes, but think deeply into it. Articles on Quora and Medium can get a lot of attention on search engines such as Google, and oftentimes Onlyfans creators will write articles on Medium or Quora, post on their blog, or post erotic stories on Quora which can help bring fans to their Onlyfans pages. Quora’s algorithm can be very helpful for Onlyfans promo.


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

9.YouTube Promo for Onlyfans

Like TikTok, YouTube is an awesome way to grow your connection to your fans. Part of the huge appeal of Onlyfans is that it’s more personal than simply watching pornography on Pornhub. The fans like to see the human side of their favorite content creators, and building a YouTube channel for proof can boost your Onlyfans traffic and views by funneling traffic simply by making fun content whether it be about fashion, investing, art, videogames, etc.



How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

10.Twitch Promo for Onlyfans

Twitch? Isn’t that for gaming? Exactly! Many of the top Onlyfans models are also Twitch stars. The majority of fans on Onlyfans are male, and what do men love more than women and video games? (maybe guns and cars, hint hint). Of course, you cannot make sexually explicit content on Onlyfans, but if you’re streaming a popular battle royal game and just so happen to be an attractive Onlyfans model, it’s clear to see how the fans will be begging for more! Not only will Twitch act as a promo for Onlyfans, but it also will allow you to make tips on Twitch as well. Many of the girls in the top 1%, top .01%, and even top .001% on Onlyfans are also huge Twitch stars. Just make sure you enjoy the games you play because no one likes a fake, and being exposed as a poser will hurt more than it helps.


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

11.Onlyfans Collaborations for Promo

Do you have a good friend who has a following on Onlyfans? Collaborate with them and make some content! This type of promo is good because it is organic, fans who already like your friend on Onlyfans will be more likely to subscribe to your Onlyfans as well. If your fellow Onlyfans content creator is local, this is also a low-cost and time-efficient way of promotion.


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

12.Shout outs For Onlyfans Promo

This one is tricky. A shout out promo for Onlyfans is quite simple, either you trade a shout out for the shout out on Instagram or Onlyfans, or you can pay a top model for a shout out. It is tricky because if you pay Model A $100 for a shout out, you don’t know for a fact that their fans will like your Onlyfans as well. There are also other variables at play such as fake Instagram followers (imagine paying $100 only to realize out of 100,000 followers only 100 are real). To make sure this doesn’t happen, contact the guys at ThinkExpanson. They have a huge network of legitimate models for shout outs with real followers.


How To Promote Your OnlyFans On Social Media

13.Account Management Promo for Onlyfans

Account management is where the big bucks are made. After reading that entire list, you’re probably overwhelmed. How could I do all this Reddit, Twitter.



Now that you’ve read all of our pro tips, if you’re interested in assistance with promo and willing to invest in yourself, fill out our form and one of our US-based account executives from Think Expansion will contact you for more info


• Onlyfans, The Best Opportunity Besides Crypto Currency?

Onlyfans might be the best money-making opportunity of the 2000s besides Bitcoin! It has been compared to Uber, for good reason. Just like Uber revolutionized the taxi industry, Onlyfans has changed the online influencer game. Instagram influencers, TikTok stars, fitness models, strippers making extra money going viral, growing their following, and gaining fans. How are they doing this? Let’s go over the basics of how to make money selling your content (and more, or LESS, plenty of models make money without making explicit content) with Onlyfans.
 With the right promo, Onlyfans can make almost anyone an extra source of income.  However, for every top 1%, top .01%, and top .001% girl or guy, there are thousands of models who make Onlyfans and make NO money. How can this happen? Do you have fans on Instagram? Tons of followers on Twitter? All this online clout, but you are still having trouble growing your Onlyfans.
The first mistake people make is seeing their favorite Instagram influencer or TikTok star, or a friend from high school or college go viral on Onlyfans, make a page, post on their social media and call it a day. Newsflash, there are only so many people from high school who wanted to see your nudes! But there are entire online communities such as Reddit where fans go to find the hottest new Onlyfans models. Many of the clients we have helped grow their Onlyfans have tried Reddit promo themselves, only to realize it takes A TON of work. Most content creators get overwhelmed and give up before even exploring digital marketing techniques for the Onlyfans promo.

Lesson # 1:

Your social media such as Instagram or Twitter will only take you so far, even with a huge following. To be successful, marketing on sites such as Reddit is essential to build digital real estate.

The second mistake people make is overestimating the worth of their content. To elaborate on my point from earlier, many models and content creators see an initial rush of fans and money on Onlyfans when they make their debut on their personal Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, etc. for promo. This can cause anyone to enter a euphoric state, similar to a new investor seeing their Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, or even worse, Safe moon go up. This can lead to greed, irrational thinking, and a lack of planning. Similar to how a novice investor may think the bull run will go on forever only to find themselves in the rope aisle at Lowes when the bear market returns and Bitcoin violently rejects 60k and goes straight to 20k, leaving them in financial ruin, many a new Onlyfans creator will think they can cruise on their initial momentum, only to realize once the novelty wears off, so will the earnings. If these models would have used other supplemental Onlyfans promo such as Reddit consistently to build their digital real estate, they can keep the earnings growing, long after every nerd from your high school or college class has seen your nudes.


Lesson # 2:

Don’t be overconfident, plan to keep your momentum going with the Onlyfans promo. The third and final lesson for today is to treat Onlyfans like a business. Just like a business needs marketing, billboards, promo, good customer service, and quality control, so does Onlyfans.

Let’s analyze 2 scenarios

Model A is very conventionally attractive, but doesn’t reply to messages, posts repetitive content, and does not appear to be having much fun in her videos. She is too overconfident to hire digital marketing companies like Think Expansion for promo because she thinks her above-average Instagram following is enough. She also does not like to use new platforms such as Reddit or TikTok because it’s too complicated. She gets frustrated easily when she compares herself to other content creators, not realizing all models are unique. She does not like to listen to feedback from the knowledgeable folks at Think Expansion.
Model B is more of a lowkey type, cute but not amazing. She replies to all her messages, engages with the fans and takes requests, posts frequently, and enjoys herself in the content. She works with Think Expansion for Onlyfans promo on Reddit, and even has a second profile on our account management program, and is always proactive asking what she can do to grow. She is active on TikTok and YouTube for promo and fun. She treats Onlyfans like a business and makes sure the stakeholders (fans) are pleased, and also understands success does not happen overnight. She doesn’t view other content creators as competition in a toxic manner but empowers them through shout outs. She listens to Think Expansion’s feedback based on our experience with helping many models reach the top 1%.

1: - Who do you think will be more successful? Who do you think will still be making money on Onlyfans after a few months?

2: - Most will say option B and based on our experiences at Think Expansion, Model B will always win. Why does Model B win?


Just like in investing and business, Onlyfans content creators who use promo (marketing), are consistent in their behaviors, and seek the advice of mentors who have experience will be successful.

Lesson #3 :

Treat Onlyfans like a business, not a get rich quick scheme, and have a solid product, team, and promo behind you, success will come!