The flyers, the billboards, the free school lessons in hopes of exposure, those days are all over now. Direct mail, tv, and newspaper advertising are all things of the past at this point! See, marketing will never change in a sense, because everything we use nowadays to market on the internet is just a simple transition from the things in the past. Direct mail to newer home owners with kids would be emails, and newspaper ads would be facebook ads and banner ads at this point! So, how can a simple martial arts dojo who isn’t at the best location, and is trying to completely turn their business around in just 30 days become a growing business? Here I’m going to go over just one of the best ways to get results using something called funnels!

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What's a funnel?

A funnel is basically a way you can grow continuity in your dojo! From a free class all the way down to one on one private lessons with you every week! Businesses all over the world have successfully used funnels to attract customers, and grow their business every single day! From gym owners, to people who sell home-made honey funnels have completely changed the way people sell online!

So what's the best way for me to go around it?

For a martial arts gym, the best way to go around things would be in these 3 steps…

  • Star
  • Story
  • Solution

You start by introducing yourself, as the master. Of course every students sensei, is their ultimate hero, and introducing yourself to others would be a serious good move! You have to start this by introducing the problem once in a subtle way. Saying things like

“oh no, it happenned again. You saw him standing right there on your side of the street, you were a little scared, a little intimidated, you were wearing your best suit and so you walked on the other side.” 

And then right after that point you go on into introducing yourself, telling your story, and then finally- describing the solution to the problem. Remember this! If they’re crying they’re buying! 

From there, you must go on to present them an offer, a free group lesson seems to be the most popular and effective way you can get someone hooked in, but there is actually so much more you can do! Here are just some ideas for you to get creative with:

  •  One Time Offer! Free GI with our 2 week street fight bootcamp!
  • $1 home self defense conditioning video training program! Condition yourself in the comfort of your own home, even without a training partner!
  •  FREE 30 minute 1 on 1 training session with the purchase of a pair of sparring gloves!
  •  Too far from our school? Online video lessons starting at just $47 a month! The price of just one cup of coffee a day!
  • Daily drill online-video lessons! Just $27 for 30 day access
  • 7 day diet, and training bootcamp! (this could be inside the gym, or in a video challenge course for people outside the gym as well) AND you can reward whoever progresses the most with a free month of lessons! You can use their testimonial for the fame of your school to get published in local blogs and magazines for around the city. 

There’s a million things you could hook someone in for, and a billion ways you could tell your story, but that leads me to the next question…

How can I keep them as a customer even if they only came in for a promotion?

Now this is the meat and the potatoes! At the end of the day, the goal here isn’t to just hook someone in, it’s to build insane rapport, and a special unbreakable bond that would make your new customer say that this is where they belong. Now of course, you might be thinking “that’s all timing!” One time I met a sensei who got into martial arts while he was touring japan. He fell in love with the culture there, the cherry blossom trees, the honor and the mutual respect everyone showed. Everyone bowed upon meeting him, and treated him with so much kindness he didn’t know what to do with himself!

But, there was one problem while he was staying there.

At the moment, (let’s call him Joe) Joe was there to teach english, and that was cool and all but he didn’t have any friends. Of course, school rules- can’t be friends with your students right? So that meant he had no sense of belonging. Until he found a dojo who taught tai-chi. Of course, in japan however, Tai Chi is called Tai Kyoku-ken and going to classes gave him an amazing sense of belonging. 

After 20 years, he now owns his own school over in Georgia! Now, I hope you all see what I saw after listening to his story. He was brought up in the movement! He had a sense of belonging here, and this is the biggest secret to achieving new heights within your business- that many dojo-owners don’t actually know! You have to grow your school into a movement, I’ll go over this in a future article, but in case if you wanted to learn just how you can go ahead and get people into your funnel and build a funnel in just 7 days or less feel free to check out my post right below!