Marketing to people of wealth, why not many can do it...

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Deals deals deals deals deals…

Is this what the ultra high net-worth want to hear when they buy something? Not necessarily… We all know that if these people heard these words they would in fact, be repelled by these words. If you want to focus on marketing to the affluent in Florida then this is the most important article you’ll read all year.

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The wolf of wallstreet did it!

Back when Jordan Belfort was climbing to the top of Stratton Oakmont, he had’nt really sold to the affluent, mega rich just yet. 

He was selling penny stocks, and making blue bills in return, but he set out his eyes for the Moby Dick, and he took his row boat and the tartar sauce with him! So he told everyone that they would also be selling to the mega rich folks, and thats when things happenned.

That’s when he didn’t sell anything! He almost had to close the firm! Because his people did not know how to connect with the mega rich and they just flopped! 

So how do we connect to your mega rich ultra affluent consumers?

The first step in connecting to your audience is finding where they are. We’ve found that baby boomers happen to be some of our most affluent consumers- who have money and time to just go out and spend! 

The largest social network for affluent baby boomers is

Basically, it’s a community that’s there to watch out for their best interest. It suggests legitimate companies to it’s affluent audience on where they should be looking for financial services. Where they should be looking for insurance, even speakers and other things. If you’re going to be serious about marketing to these people we highly recommend this website. Though they may be pricey, they are definitely a MUST because of how much of a super power they have become, and they have an even better future in this industry in the future. 

So you want to get really rich? Or stay really rich?

We know how knowing your customer is important. You don’t want to reach just about anyone and everyone because you can’t magically make everyone affluent. You most likely aren’t a multi-level marketer. (I love network marketing by the way.) 

If you’re reading this you’re either 1) A martial arts school in south Florida. 2) A business that markets to rich people in Florida. 3) An aspiring business looking for how you should reach your target market. 

The best possible way to reach these, or the decision maker who is in touch with their affluent client (I.E a personal assistant) is through pay per click campaigns. Kind of like google ads, and other networks like aarp, How we do it is we target speaking to the client who is going to make the purchase, and in this we are able to market to the affluent all over the United States, especially in Florida. 

Research suggests a few target audiences that have more money then others, and are the ones you should definitely be marketing to if you want to reach a much richer crowd.

  1. Baby boomers! These guys aren’t likely to just sit in their old wooden rocking chairs-lean back and forth until the day they die. The Prescient Forecast suggests that they want to seek out the most extravagant experiences life has to offer! Whether it’s swimming with the dolphins, or backpacking through a jungle in Asia, baby boomers adore spending money and living the  life!
  2. Gay people! Research also shows; the vast majority of LGBTQ audiences are more affluent then others, and they are the perfect group of expense-buyers to reach out to!
  3. Teton, Wyoming- Interestingly enough, it seems as though the most affluent live in Teton. Over in this county, the average annual income of 1 percenters in this area make around $28 million a year. Just about enough for gas in the yacht right? 
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