Think Expansion is an internet marketing agency in Miami, Florida it provides internet marketing to businesses small or large, martial arts schools, even chiropractors and barbershops all across the US. 

We’re a team of the most elite internet marketers from all over the United States, from strategic compelling copy- to targeting the most specific users on Facebook and on other websites Think Expansion is a full-fledged marketing agency.

Search Engine Optimization- SEO

We're the guys that help you rank on the top of Google! Where customers that are searching for your services, could find you easy as can be! SEO is the king of digital marketing and something we here at Think Expansion specialize in!

Pay Per Click- PPC

We understand SEO can take a while, that's why we recommend using pay per click ads on Google, and other ad networks that would bring you leads meanwhile you rank!

Reputation Management

Your reputation is important. Good or bad reviews could hurt or build your business! Our team of experts will help you maintain a positive online reputation, so you will reap positive long-term results.

Website Design & Lead Funnels

We're not looking to just make you a website- websites are a thing of the past! We create lead pages and funnels that actually convert and get you clients in the back-end!

Video, Photo, and Media Production

Our world class graphic designers, photographers, and graphic designers take great pride in their work, and provide the best quality branded images for you, and your business.

Conversion Optimization

Turn your site visitors into paying customers! Our expert digital marketers use the latest optimization techniques to turn your site visitors into true paying-customers.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is so crucial to connecting with your customers, and keeping your business on their mind day to day. We are upon one of the most competitive social media marketing agencies Miami has seen yet.

Email Marketing

The king of digital sales! Email marketing is one of the most powerful ways to reach out to your customers and make sales. On average, one could make $1 per email they have on their list! Our email copywriters have earned millions on their ground-breaking copy.

Content Writing

Whether you need a sales letter, some long form or short form copy that sells- our expert Copywriters here at Think Expansion will compete with immortals on every piece they write.

Ready to take your business to the next level?

So are we.

Why Choose Think Expansion As Your Digital Marketing Agency?

Think Expansion is a digital marketing agency helping clients grow their business, and grow the amount of money they could make from their business. As Miami’s most competitive marketing agency we can promise you…



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  • Honest Reporting- We will never manipulate your results in any way to make it seem like we are doing a good job. We will only push even harder and go past new limits to find a way to increase your return on investment. 
  • Dedicated Account Executive- You will have an account executive, someone who handles your account and is sure to grasp your vision, pick at your brain and find what they need to find to bring you results.
  • Team of Professionals Who Care- We know how our industry is. A marketing agency is a business partner, that agrees to bring the business as much business as it can handle until it’s time to expand. This is what makes Think Expansion the agency businesses love. Because not only are we business partners, who have put plenty of kids through college, and paid mortgages- we are an agency that sells, or else.
Why Do I Need An Internet Marketing Agency In Miami?

Miami Florida is one of the most dense and populated cities in the United States. With a new business opening up everyday, if you want to truly be a competitive business- you need to have the best marketing team to push you out as in-front as you can be. When it comes to your SEO, or you social media- we are the only internet marketing agency who can deliver insane instagram results in the whole united states at the most cost effective price. 

Working with an internet marketing agency allows you to have a team that will bring you potential customers, for you to close, expand, and stay a competitive force to be reckoned with.