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What's an athlete without a coach?

Every athlete, successful person, influencer, you name it has had some sort of coach or mentor to guide them through the whole process. Einstein, Lebron James, Bill Gates, Jason Stone, you name it! We all need a push. You have what it takes, and it’s very possible to grow your following and truly make money off of instagram! In fact, everyone who is reading this has it inside of them, to break their own limit and create the life they want. Yes. even


Have a whole team behind you.

We have a whole team behind you! Leave the bots behind, fake followers, and engaging with people who most likely wouldn’t even be interested in following you anyways. We have a real team of people who interact and engage with thousands of people a day on your instagram every single day! Ask for shout-outs, leave viral comments- so all you have to do is just produce the content that we even help you out on anyway!

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Get on the explore page

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Our proven to work hashtag strategy brought people all the way to the explore page! How we do it is by cracking insta-algorithms to provide you over 200 hashtag options to choose from that would only get you infront of everyone who wants to see you! Check out more details Here!

Engagement Groups

Our network of thousands and thousands of already made influencer’s will interact with and engage with each one of your posts! Meaning not only do you stay up on the explore page for longer, but you also have thousands of big names looking at your profile! Can you imagine how many of their followers are going to see your picture through their likes section?!

A personal program, made just for you.


For every valuable customer that comes by we have one on one text message assistance at any time of the day! That means- don’t wait a whole week for your issues or concerns! Your growth hacking team is here for you now, tomorrow, and forever! You are part of our family here at Think Expansion!

Get Paid.

The journey is short.. Very.

For most, making money off Instagram, or just online in general is a time consuming, and unsure process. They go through a long process where they try their best at being themselves and hope everyone would like it. Or maybe they try to be as unlikeable as they can, and hope that everyone could like that? Maybe they just have to film a video of them doing something crazy in public like this guy:

Well you don’t. And now you can make money from the first day once you join this program as a growth hacker!

A Growth Hacker?

Get paid every month.

For each and every follower that we reach out to personally for you, who is interested in the program, you will be compensated 10% each and every month for! There is no work required on your part! Simply pass them over to our sales team, and lay back and reap the benefits! It is NOT a multilevel marketing, or pyramid scheme, call it an affiliate program if anything!

Okay great, but what's the investment?

Depending on your own needs, and on your own vision on social media, whether you are a gamer, a youtuber, a model, or a the best mobile car wash in town, we will customize a perfect package and plan for you, tailored down to the socks. 

Are you ready to change your life?

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