Finding the right Digital Marketing Agency for your Law Firm

When it comes to finding the right marketing agency for you it can be a tedious process. We’ve interviewed plenty of clients who ask us questions that have nothing to do with how we’d benefit their business, and plenty of clients who get disappointed, and even in some cases sue their marketing agency because they weren’t happy with their results. In such a crowded area like Miami, Florida you as a lawyer are approached every single day by 2 or 3 agencies ringing you to sell you something, lock you into contracts, promise you the world, and only let you down. Don’t let your experience be this case! Here are some things to watch out for when choosing a digital marketing agency for you.


Ask for an audit

You have to know what’s their opinion on your content already. If your web page is clean enough, how’s your SEO ranking? What are a few pointers they could give you, should you decide not to do business with them, you could have at least learned something new!


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"Ask Questions, and question EVERYTHING!" -Think Expansion
Think Expansion!
Think Expansion
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Let’s Get Personal

Yes! You heard me right! You should ask questions about a persons personal life, how passionate are they about the industry? Have they got any families who are lawyers? Have they tried studying for law school? How about their team? Do they have any employees who are going to law school? A passionate person will go the extra mile to make sure you succeed in your industry. The saying Culture Trumps Strategy is 100% accurate in this case.


Ask Them for Their Plan for You

You don’t want to ask them what they’ve done before, look at their portfolio and all of their success stories- because that’s all very variable. There is no set business/ marketing strategy for every business out there that works every single time, it just doesn’t exist! So when you sit down at your office to talk to a digital marketer, and they show you a lengthy portfolio of things they’ve done, people they know/ helped, don’t pay attention to that. Ask for their failiures. Ask what their plan is for your law firm. Are they going to push instagram more? No. Why?! Evaluate everything they say and ask questions!

After having many clients who have had their money taken away from them, with no refund, and a bad taste in their mouth before becoming a part of our family, we want to ensure, if our slots are full, and we can’t do business together, that at least you can make the right choice for you!