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How it works

With well over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world. Taking advantage of that platform, however, can be a difficult challenge. We’ve designed the most next level marketing ads, along with a next level marketing strategy because we here at Think Expansion, always think about your expansion in the only way that matters. How can we sell more?

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"Let's march against phillip."

When Aeschines spoke, they said , ‘How well he speaks.’ But when Demosthenes spoke , they said ‘Let us march against Phillip.’ See, we don’t care for the being the most creative ad, nor being the most disruptive ad. We care for the only thing that matters, how much money has this ad made? Those who only care for creativity, bright colors, and originality have never had to sell anything in their life.

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Infront of your customers

It is truly amazing how we work with Facebook. We’re able to bring your pizza right in front of someone’s face when they’re hungry, or when they’re about to drive by your Pizzeria. We’re able to bring your law services right in front of someone when they really need it! This is so powerful, it completely replaces flyering, or direct mail! Avoid getting simply thrown away, and have someone save their coupon forever right on their phone! 

Why is it the most powerful marketing tool up to date?

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How Specific Facebook Marketing can get!

Your customers are driving around your business everyday. They’re moving in from afar, they’re even eating at the sports bar right next to your business, or heading to a concert not too far from your place. When you choose Think Expansion! You partner with us. We partner up with these places, and their website thus attaching your Facebook pixel to these people! Making sure your ad goes smack-in front of their face every single time they need your service! Making you, the most famous business in town! Soup-to-nuts we’ve seen clients walk away with 834% return on investment before!

Who's using this?

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Many businesses have seen the power of Facebook marketing, and the return they get from it, businesses are able to test out new ideas and take returns quicker than ever thanks to Facebook! In some cases, this is even more effective than google advertising, because it is the cold-calling of the marketing world. We target clients who would be interested before they search for you. And when they do search for you, they are struck and advertised to until they become loyal customers for life!

What makes us so different?

Truth be told, there are plenty of marketing agencies out there who take peoples money and leave. Let’s admit it- it’s not a guaranteed service. But, what we’ve developed here is a team of innovative thinkers. Growth hackers, if you will- and we pride ourselves in finding the most effective solution for you. See, hard work has never killed a man before. We research, and devise strategy after strategy, things that your competitor is not doing, and things that your competitor is doing, and we simply make it better. Always optimizing, and always thinking EXPANSION. 

I've been burned before!

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Our Gaurantee.

Marketing agencies are all around these days, plenty of people with a no- experience team, with a 0 pre-qualification process come by and pitch their agency to you. We get it. What we have here is not only a team of experienced professionals, but we have a team of mentors who have done what was deemed to be impossible. Exploding businesses, mentoring influencers, and making everyone money in the process. We promise you, that once you partner with us, you shall only worry for hiring new employees, and scaling your business. 

-Think Expansion!

What are you waiting for?!

Let’s take your business to the next level! Explore new heights, take risks, and expand your business today! We only take 1 new client within a 100 mile radius, and if you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, you might just miss out on the biggest money-making venture you’ll ever come by.

Results come...

Within 48 Hours

The way we work is that once you sign up with us, you get immediately placed in our advertising program where our team of advertisers construct a timeless ad for you. Depending how far along you might be in marketing for your business, or your unique selling proposition would depend how much time we need to take when figuring out how to position you. This is not the quickest service if you don't have this ready, but we assure you we only want the best positioning for our clients.

The ROI?

You should be seeing a positive ROI within the first week! Depending on your ad spend, we have seen clients break through immense returns! The whole point of your internet marketing whether you're a martial arts dojo, or an accounting firm- is to see a return on your investment. Which is where we want to tell you that we sell, or else.

How many successful businesses are using this?

The fact is that if they are successful, a big portion of their success is attributed to their Facebook Ads. The way Facebook is, it is so specific we can target even the most specific clients during crucial moments of their life where we can then present your service right to them! Although Facebook's updating their algorithms and making things harder for guys like us, we love the challenge. Challenge in marketing is a beautiful thing because it represents opportunity.

Are you ready for serious growth?

It has never been easier to scale a local business.