What businesses do to avoid missing out on more business!

How 7 days could turn your business around...

When first venturing out into an internet marketing agency, whether in LA, Miami, or even in the humble suburbs of Vail, Colorado your business needs to stick itself out there, far beyond obscurity!

Expansion is aggressive! Expansion means you are tearing down the walls, and reconstructing new ones even further then they were before! Even if it meant cutting off a few inches from your neighbors territory! That’s exactly what this article is about, here I’m going to show you exactly how you could turn your business around in 7 days on a very small budget with noticeable results! Even if you’re not at the best location in town.
It’s all about location!
I know, I just told you that this was going to work even if you didn’t have the most obscene location in Madison Square garden but hear me out! What I mean is, your internet location has to be pre-framed to where people can see it! If you’re on this website that means I successfully positioned myself infront of you, and now I can work on how exactly I could get you to become a paying customer…

And trust me…


1. The first thing you need to do is figure out is crack your funnel! Even if you’re a local restaurant, you know the most successful restaurants out there were able to franchise themselves because they had a genius plan for continuity!

  •  They collect e-mails
  •  They give coupons
  •  They celebrate holidays, and reward loyal customers!

2. Once you’ve looked at your competitors, and your rivals whom you want to climb up against, so badly you have to look up towards what they’re doing? And where they’re going. Where do they find their customers? What are their customers like? What are their standards? The main keyword here is to care! Care about these people! When they walk into your place of business- you’ll want to treat them as though you care, and they’ll never leave you because they care about you as well! It’s all reciprocation! And if you keep that one word in mind, then by the time you’re done reading this, you’ll be receiving a great reward from us!

3. Create an offer! Offer them something! Whether a free pizza for the game happening at the Javit center, or a lifetime discount if they eat a whole pizza pie in less than 20 minutes! One thing that we’ve seen that’s worked super well is papa johns! They have offers places right on their website as the example you see below! You might look at this and just say “well those don’t really count as direct coupons!” But, they don’t have to be coupons! They only have to be “offers!” Meaning, “in case you might be interested… And here would be your reward!

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Day One.

Make your own graphics! Your own “banner ad” or what I like to call, your own “unresistable offer!” Something that your audience just can’t say no to! Whether that’s a free product or service that doesn’t cost you too much! Now I know what you’re thinking- wait, do you mean I have to spend money on ads/ organic traffic and then give them even more free stuff?!” 

Bear with me! It’s about to get even better!

Day Two.

Now you simply have to go on facebook, and create your own ad! Choose your demographics, your area, how old, young, language they speak and how far they should be from your business! Or even google! If you’re a lawyer or a business where things are very time sensitive, a cheat code you can use that still works for facebook is to look at the interests. What interests your customer at the moment, that would make perfect sense to what they’re looking for at the moment? Then market it to them! 

In other words, if say someone is looking to class action lawsuit against a company- maybe they might be liking pages with your competitor lawyers, liking pages that have facebook groups that are specifically for these kinds of people! Ways to find good positioning in social media marketing are endless and extremely cost effective!

Day Three.

The launch! Now depending whether you spent $5 or $100 for this ad to have been run to test you could get all these visitors right at your store! Either by giving directions, grabbing their information and emailing them, or even utilizing text message marketing! Meaning, they will be constantly in your loop to try new offers, and celebrate new things with you- and you can sell them more things! So the money you spent on ads, actually goes right back over to you! And now you have a customer for life! 

Day Four.

At this point now you might be thinking… “Well I have customers, and emails, phone numbers, and people coming in and out of the door now, am I done yet?” 

NO! Now is the time you NEED to capitalize! Now you need to retarget! Facebook has a powerful re-targetting campaign tool where you can market and test things over and over and over on the same people, or people who match a similar description, and keep everything going! 

So now, when you have customers, you can multiply those customers as you grow your customer base! One more step towards complete domination!

Day Five.

Now it’s time you brand yourself a bit. So now that you have a customer base, emails, and phone numbers, you can now keep in touch with them for absolutely free! So the question is how? Well you have to create your movement! Now it’s time you create your cult-ure!

Your cult-ure is something that your audience would identify with. Checkers has “fast foodies know the deal.” Burger king has “Have it your way.” (As a king does) Now you must do something very similar! Get creative with it! And send out what I would recommend a 5 email sequence just telling your brand story, and then bringing people right in through the door with another offer! 

Remember these steps: Hook, Story, Offer!! This is what’s going to completely separate you from the rest, and actually make you 100x more desirable over all of your competitors!

Day Six.

Send out these massive email campaigns! While running the ads, you must be split testing! Meaning- you must be running different ads to the same exact audience to see what you get a better response from! 

An example would be say one ad you say “The pizza that loves you! *Vegan Pizza*” then maybe you’d want to try your next offer being “Your Stomach Would Thank You For This One!” Play around with it! You never know what would actually make you more money in the long run, things take testing in this game and that’s what its all about!

Day Seven.

Wash, rinse repeat. Digital marketing for pizzerias in the united states, is the same as digital marketing for pizzerias in the UK, and in Colombia. It’s a similar concept as well as with other businesses, it just takes some careful measurement, risk management, and most importantly careful overview of results! And now, to reward you! If you’re reading this right now and you’ve followed the saying “note takers are money makers” I’m prepared to give you my super special offer! ONLY for those who actually paid close attention, and who are willing to take action!