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Noticing that you do not have a Facebook pixel on your website meanwhile your competitors do, is a definite red flag for your business. Here at Think Expansion we focus on only one client per zip code, and if you are reading this, that means you are definitely a candidate for complete domination, and on the road to scaling your dojo! 

Once you join the Think Expansion family you are going to constantly generating more revenue, working together with your account executives, and copy writers. At Think Expansion- we make brands matter.

So what are we going to do?

For the first 12 hours we will need to work very closely with you, in brainstorming and adjusting your packages, your offers, and promotions. Most martial arts school fail due to giving away free classes, free gis, free shin guards, free food even, and if you ask any of them if it made them profitable, they will change the subject.

We will establish an offer, and establish the areas you like to work around with, so we will be asking you a million questions to really pick at your brain. Each school is different, and each dojo needs very close attention from an account executive as to how we should place an offer, a funnel and an ad.


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Project Plans

Per the first campaign, and to make it a profitable campaign the best thing we can do is keep everyone in your funnel that is interested. We are going to get a cold audience, a warm audience, and a hot audience. Of course, when doing this we choose to use Facebook messenger because everyone that clicks instantly becomes a prospect to an extent. Whereas in a traditional landing page, a percentage would be lost, and would have to be re-targeted in order to gain.

Therefore, depending on who your audience may be, or at what stage of your business you are in we would be tightening the offer, the cost, and the profitability per campaign each step of the way. 

The goal here is to expose everyone to your business, build tight rapport, and then close them on an offer, initially- before they purchase the biggest package available. 

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The General Cost Of Tools

Tools that we use and their cost.

  1. Clickfunnels- $247 Mo.
  2. Many Chat- $10 Mo. (Starting, depending how many subscribers you have)
  3. Spyfu- $58
  4. Similarweb– (Varies)
  5. Copywriter-(Depending per client)
  6. Digital Marketer- (Depending per client)
Costs may vary depending on the campaign desired, we will give our expert marketers advice on how to go around it this way, but of course- you have control on whether to launch the campaign or not.
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Conversion rates and expectations

When coming to our conversion rates, we typically get a 100-200% conversion rate. Now a conversion is a lead. It would be someone who is interested and gave their information. 

Now an acquisition is a buy! Depending in what stage of the funnel the prospect is, would determine the outcome of ideal conversion rates.

Cold market– 1-3% would be amazing conversion rates! These are your 1 shot hit and run people, that after looking at one of our awesome advertisements will come on their hands and knees to take a class from you!

Warm market– Conversions can jump up to 15-30% in the warm market! These are people who are already are familiar with you, and the awesome karate lessons or jiu-jitsu lessons that you do!

Hot market– These are when they’re looking for you! These people can have up to a 80% conversion rate, and are typically the people we look for the most when we target ads to somebody. Depending on the martial art, and the place your dojo is located, we would be slowly chipping away and discovering who your warm market is!

Overall you could always expect nothing less than the best from Think Expansion! Where “we sell, or else!”

Punching your walls because no one's walking in? Stop hoping, start achieving! Success is measured! Not hoped for!

How We Can Help


The cost shall be determined by your account executive in the dissection of the needs of your business.


Timelines may vary according to strategy. The shortest timeline we can give you in having a campaign ready say we were to start with a basic launch campaign would be 3-4 days. This would typically be a campaign for awareness should your business be in good standing. Otherwise we would need a week or so to undergo a more strategic approach.


How we work

We work closely along side you! Meaning your campaign will be able to be viewed and pproved every step of the way. However, we maintain the right to decide how exactly to incorporate the budget, and what exact service your school should be marketed for. Reason being, is in our professional opinion these things are finnickey with martial arts schools. Many times sifu’s, kiyoshi’s, and masters of all kinds will think their ideas, packages, and offers were the best until they learned what their audience really wanted.

Different strokes for different folks! Once we have done our homework, and our infinite research, the marketing plan may vary. 

Now we work on a continual basis, after the first month, this is basically a subscription-based service. There is no contract but we work best through a long term service, its just the nature of the business. As classes evolve, competition evolves, offers evolve, and such, we passionately excavate for how we could drive in new forms of income, whether through affiliate commissions, and classes, courses, and custom boxing gloves, and more!

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Communication is key, and shall be done through the following application(s)

  1. Email for large files, with media and such
  2. Whats app for everything else. You can download whats app web for your computer and you will be able to send files there as well.

Project Management Process

Project management will go as follows:

1) Account executive- The person you will talk to the whole time about your campaign, any questions concerns suggestions, or ideas you may have.

2) Creative director- Manages our creative teams in what creatives to use, test, what would make stir up more curiosity, etc.

3) Copy Writer- Our direct response copy writer will write up a revolutionary campaign that will be the best he’s ever written every single time! 

4) Marketer- Our marketer essentially does the homework needed for your business. Studies the audience, where they are online, what are their behaviors, and what is the best way to reach them. Your audience lies around online somewhere. It is our job to find them and bring them into your funnel.


Invoicing will be done per and with a signed agreement saying you agree to our terms and conditions. Should we decide there is synergy inbetween the account executive and yourself. The agency will review your website, and your vision thereafter, and if there is none, we will refund your payment and wish the best for you. Should we decide to accept your account, then we will get to work immediately in making your school matter.