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Your journey to more customers, a bigger market share, and more cash.

At 1,346,869 can you be number 1?

Yes, you can.

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The reasoning behind Google’s search engine was to allow their users to find what they were looking for as effeciently as possible. That’s why here at Think Expansion, we pride ourselves on always ranking our valuable clients at the top of the front page, every time. 

You give up a few things being at the top of Google. Like having to spend outrageous amounts of money on a billboard, or on hiring someone to spin a sign outside of your storefront.

At the first page of Google is where most businesses have their pride. If they’re there that means they are an authority in their area, accumulating tons of business from anyone who needs their service! Google is everyone’s friend. They ask Google what lawyer to use when they’re in trouble, what place is good to eat when they’re hungry. This, being so powerful, is actually one of the most cost efficient avenues when it comes to your marketing plan. 

Ready To Grow Your Business With The Most Competitive SEO Agency Around?

Looking For More Sales?

When it comes to driving in sales, and becoming a true authority in your industry, improving the quality of your leads, and adding an extra zero to your revenue numbers Search Engine Optimization (SEO for short) is the way to go. 

Working with Think Expansion you will be receiving:

  • Customized business ‘Battle-Plan’ for your business
  • and In-Depth SEO audit
  • Competitor analysis, and competitor monitoring using spy tools.
  • Dedicated account executive
  • page copy for every article that must get written.
  • A TON more!

“You wouldn’t belive the pricing, and the value of the services you get with Think Expansion!” -Scotty Mathews

That’s why Think Expansion was named the #1 SEO service, and SEO rankers gave us the official title! Client experience here at Think Expansion is un-matched. 

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The timeline

When do i get results?

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Building your page

The first month

Wash, Rinse, Reap!

Many times a page’s toxicity will hinder it from reaching the first page. We see it time and time again, when the person who built the site forgot to remove a couple toxic statements, when the coding isn’t repaired all right. Our Data Analysts here at Think Expansion crawl your site a mandatory of 40 times before considering one small page done. 

Becoming known

Putting you in the local E-paper

Search engines are designed to work like society, like the matrix. We keep your page up to speed on websites that have a high authority on your local area. Meaning things like blogs, sports news, information tech, the local golf course, all to let google know that you are a force to be reckoned with. You will pop up on the first page of google simply as a result of being legitimate, the way any place would get recognition.

The Benifits?

Over 800% ROI

We’ve seen clients make an 836% return on their investment after using our SEO services. Their page gets to the top of google, right under the search bar, with all the clicks they’re able to make a little extra money from affiliate links, and then drive in sales through their website, as well as phone calls. Call volume seemed to raise sporadically, so hiring a larger sales team will always be something recommended.

About Us

Think Expansion is an Internet Marketing agency, specializing in lawyers, and Pizzerias all around the United States. With new innovative marketing techniques, and quick customer service, it’s no wonder why owners choose Think Expansion.

The result

High Call Volume

High Return on Investment

More Reputable




Honesty with Think Expansion!

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Reliable SEO services, working closely together with Lawyers, and local businesses in all 50 states!