Marketing your martial arts school

So you want to grow your school in all its entirety? Maybe you chose a bad location, maybe you’re tired of the “slow seasons.” 

You know, the ones that come by when summer comes in and everyone wants to go on vacation? Or the ones where your summer camp is officially over, now everyone’s back to school and you lost the 3-6 year olds? So retaining your students at your dojo is one thing, and attracting them to get their in the first place is a completely other thing! Martial arts marketing has never been more challenging without the yellow pages, or the shaw brothers making kung fu movies!

Today, we’re going to be going over some outrageously profitable ways you can attract students like there’s no tomorrow, even if you’re in a bad location, or you don’t have the best reputation out there! 

Your options...

So let’s have a look at your options! Obviously you do NOT want to go with flyering, wearing your t shirt everywhere, or wrapping your car. These things are like shooting blindfolded and from the hip when you’re trying to gain a customer. You want to make sure your hard earned money is NOT going to be wasted on people who would never even want to go to your karate school in the first place! Especially if you don’t live in a population dense area like Manhattan, or Miami. 

You need something a bit more targeted, a bit more traceable, where you’d be able to test things over and over and over again.

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1) Google

We all know Google is king! There’s always people who are constantly looking for martial arts over in your area on google! But what you didn’t know might actually shock you! 

The matter of fact is that while people might be searching for martial arts schools in x area, jiu jitsu in Y area, or maybe even self defense in Z area…

Understand that that’s just ONE way people could be searching for you. Too many times there’s people who search for a solution they’re not even sure of yet! People look up ‘how to lose weight’ in your area all the time! Now it’s your job to target them and write an ad that would appease them. When it comes to writing ads that draw people in, our copy writers are among the top of the line! With years of experience in direct response marketing, they have made sale after sale on one shot written down pitches, that it’s a usual thing over here.

On top of that, Google would be considered the ‘warm market!’ People who are “buyers in heat” (Like Jordan Belfort would say) looking for your product and they’re looking to be directly sold to instantly!

Definitely a great place for you to get started on your split test of 100 people! Where you could market your martial arts school, and really see what is it people do and don’t like.

So you can go one of two routes, either you can use google adwords everytime, or you can just work on your SEO. This takes a few months, but nonetheless super worth it!

2) Social Media

Let’s say it’s too much. Paying for google ads is too much because of just how competitive things are in your area, and SEO is a bit too expensive, you’ve maxed out your credit card completely, and you can not borrow any money from the bank to get you out of obscurity. (Which would be the best thing you could do, Coca Cola is $29.4 Billion dollars in debt! (source: Public Records) )

Social Media would be your best choice! But now we have to consider- which one is best for you? To be honest it really depends on your audience, and on the industry you are in, because trends change like the weather and we have to be very careful where we spend our money of course.



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instagram for martial arts marketing


Instagram is king! At the moment in early 2019 Instagram is king, but seems to be on its downfall! only time will tell- nonetheless it’s incredibly valuable to find some means to market yourself here. If you have an audience that is younger all the way to their late 30’s this would be the way to go! Instagram has plenty of insta-blogs you can guest post on and plenty of micro influencers and macro influencers that would seriously help you get off the ground! If you have a limited advertising budget this would be the way!

Dangers? Of course! You have to be very careful as to which account to post on, you have to not only look at their following, but look at their engagement! Now, with engagement groups taking over control of some accounts, this means it is really hard to determine which one would be good for you! 

But, do you want to know how to determine whether an instagram is real or if its just an instagram loaded with fake metrics? Go on the comments, go to the profile commenting, and look to see if they are actually following! If the majority of profiles are actually following that account then this is surely a real account and would be worth however much they are charging you!

Depending on the infuencer, prices could go from $100-1000 per post!

If you would like to avoid actually looking through thousands of thousands of people and messaging them all, we actually create a list and update it continuously with what pages have great engagement and are willing to do shoutouts! You could access membership below!

Now if you want to reach an older audience, then twitter is definitely a way to go!

It is definitely a very similar platform, and something you can reach out local PR and see if they coud give you a shoutout! Now, this takes a lot of time scrolling through, looking through hashtags, but it’s also something people could just bump into you if your tweets are plenty funny! 

Twitters also a good place to get ideas from and to test out your content before it goes on instagram. Since you could post a million times a day on twitter and not annoy anyone, you could just post right beforehand and then if you see this post doing well then consider putting it on your instagram or your facebook!

As a dojo just having a twitter isn’t enough! You need to be on top of it, interact with the community the most! Respond to funny tweets, and follow the trends and you will see business flowing in through twitter!

Ahh yes, now we get to the king. The mother of them all! Well, let’s face it- Facebook is a good means of paid advertisement, and a good means of organic traffic if you have the time. The time would be put into interacting in Facebook groups. Joining, interacting, and slightly promoting yourself in these groups just to show some kind of worth and value. Because of course most people post something ike:

“Hey guys  I just opened up a dojo! It’s the best dojo in town! I won a million medals, and world champion, and certified by a these organization in these asian countries!”

The fact is people really don’t care about this. People really care about what’s in it for them. Yeah learning more might be great, but improving isn’t what people want. People want new opportunity. They want to be told their suspicions were right, and that they should sure as hell  try something new for once and jump into a class with you.

Besides, who doesn’t want a new opportunity right?