From cutler ridge all the way up to coral springs, marketing martial arts in south Florida is different, very different! Since miami especially is a very populated area there’s too much competition, and too many big names.

So how do we beat the competition? How can a martial arts school smaller than anyone else have a fighting chance next to big names?

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"..We beat big names by marketing strategy, by paying more per customer..."
Jayson Rosero

         That sentence right there probably scared a lot of people away, but now here’s where I’m going to explain how we can do that yet remain more profitable then we’ve ever been the entire time we’ve been in business.

First I need you to understand, people buy things from people they know, like, and trust.
With that being said we have to understand how a value ladder works, I explain everything about how they work and how you could use them right here.

Now, the fact that Miami’s very full of people means that there’s all different kinds! You really just have to ask yourself- who is your ideal customer.

             What do they look like? What color eyes? What color hair? What’s their build? What do they do for work? Are they married? Or how old are they? When you realize who your dream customer is then you can make your offer more effective than ever!

              As marketing professionals we would recommend taking the Jeff Bezos approach when first starting your martial arts school. If you are deciding an online marketing strategy, but even an old and really developed school could use this while thinking about expansion. 

            This means you just have to pick a type of person you want to appeal to, and bring those people in- THEN you can focus on expanding. But the whole point is for you to understand who your buyer is to appeal to them- specialize in them! This is one of the most crucial marketing secrets to what we do, and why we are so effective in our marketing systems.

       If you’re a martial arts school in Miami, or even outside in any town in the united states be it big or small, we’d like to help you! Go ahead and fill out this form, and watch your business expand farther than what you ever thought possible with up to 50 new students every month!