sales leader ready to make money

You’ve been chosen to represent us, and make a limitless amount of money on our sales team! Please read carefully the following, and fill out the necessary information at the bottom.


  • I understand i am working on comission only. 
  • My comission is earned through 25% of a sale if closed on my own, 12.5% if closed with any help from another source.
  • All comissions will be recieved each month thereafter on a monthly/ weekly basis for as long as the customer is working with Think Expansion.
  • Think Expansion is not obliged to paying any of my personal business expenses, I.E my phone bill, my office space, or my gasoline, or any other utilities I use to generate the sales.
  • I understand Think Expansion will do everything in their power to ensure I am successful.
  • I understand that I will be obtaining a considerable amount of knowledge and expertise from Think Expansion and I may not use an such knowledge in a manner that is detrimental to Think Expansion, nor to any of their customers.
  • I will not, for a period of 48 months after termination of his or her employment. approach any customer, affiliate, or business partner of the Employer for purposes of seeking employment or business arrangements in competition with the Employer’s line of business.
  • I will not, for a period of 48 months following termination of his or her employment approach, entice, solicit, or contact any individual in employment at Think Expansion for any reason.
  • I agree to provide this contract to any and all subsequent employers of the myself during the term of this non-solicitation agreement.
  • I agree that all provisions are fair and just. If at any time or point any provision is voided all other provisions shall remain in effect.
  • I acknowledge that any breach in this contract will be subject to court rulings in Florida for direct and indirect damages
  • If any or all terms of this Non-Solicitation Agreement are found to be invalid or unenforceable in a court of law, then this Agreement and all remaining terms will remain in full force and effect as if such invalid or unenforceable term had never been included with unenforceable term being replaced by a similar enforceable term as agreed by both parties.