Brand new Updates!

Due to instagrams new updates, we had to unfortunately shut down all of our operations. Instagram was just killing everyone, and many of our competitors have just closed their doors. However, we were able to stay alive by the grace of our network engineers we have on our team that we are blessed to work with. Instagram marketing for businesses, whether they are big or small is now readily available to be serviced to the fullest extent and the highest transparency as we always kept in our vision here at Think Expansion…

-Jayson Rosero (Founder)

Service and Price Sheet

Fan accounts are our most recommended form of Instagram growth. Why? It’s the safest. No password is needed on your end, and not much will be asked of you besides to just keep doing what you do!

Whether you’re a local business, a world wide influencer, or a business trying to drop ship products, this boosts your Instagram exponentially without having to pay per every view you get on promotion!

instagram growth

Manual Growth

Only for accounts with less than 20k followers and decent interaction! 

manual growth is great for Instagram marketing. Whether you’re a fitness influencer, or you like to paint surreal pictures- you definitely want to get those noticed- by the right people!


$14- Monthly per fan account – Actions are purely automated. (60-70% as effective as manually)

Definitely a great alternative to doing everything yourself! All in the meanwhile of keeping your account completely safe!  (75-100 follow actions per day in average.)

$20- Monthly per fan account- actions are half automated and half manual.

This way has an even higher success rate per fan account, they’re able to follow around 90-125 accounts per average. 

$24 Monthly per fan account- These actions are all manual!

These accounts can follow 180-200+ accounts daily! Usually perform higher than the rest, and the accounts last the longest!

$200 Monthly per account

This  includes follows and likes, but not comments! We don’t look through DM’s, we don’t look through your personals- we simply ask for sources, and your goals, and we’ll take care of the rest.


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