Instagram is definitely a powerful marketing tool for martial arts schools. Instagram can definitely be a huge game changer if you know how to use it! See, it doesn’t really add up to sales in the beginning- but this is called content marketing. Instagram matters in the long run. kind of like SEO, Instagram is something that needs to be built over a long period of time! If you’re a martial arts school who really wants to take it’s business to the next level then we’ve got exactly what you’re looking for. 

This article might just be the most important article you’ve read for instagram marketing thus far!

Your posts

Posting is important, yeah a lot of people say the same old thing- post once a day, three times a week, three times a day, at the end of the day it’s best to post as frequently as possible. Posting on Instagram will always let Instagram know one thing. That you’re consistent!

When it comes to content marketing consistency is the biggest key. Algorithms all favor consistency because we favor consistency in our lives. We look to people who are consistent to influence our lives. Content marketing, marketing, advertisement in any way is just trying to influence people to make a decision to use our products/services, and not our competitors.

As a martial arts gym, there’s a million things you could be posting! Your talent is something that not only helps someone, builds confidence, and truly can save someones life- it’s fun to watch! People who don’t do martial arts are fascinated by people who do, and especially a master. 

Our recommendations are always posting 3 times a day, regularly, and posting 10 times a day at minimum on your stories. We recomment the most amount of activity as well. I mean liking, commenting, and following people who live around you. They would be your prospects and you never know who just might want to check out your gym just because you followed them on Instagram!

Your Hashtags

Hashtags are the only way to truly organically grow your instagram as well as alt text. Reason being, hashtags put your content in sections. If your account uses a certain niche of hashtags then you will be put into that certain niche! For lack of better words, we have a whole article written all about hashtags, and how the research to optimize them works right here. 

Super duper helpful! Because if you want the most from your instagram you’re going to need the best hashtags you can get, and its not the same case for everyone! The last thing I’d recommend for you is to simply copy and paste from a service online that gives you the most used hashtags. At the end of the day, you want to stand out! You want to be on the “TOP” and not just one of the million posting on recent.

Your Connections

Making connections is super important in real life, and even easier then ever through Instagram! How to make connections is by going through from page to page, and just liking, commenting, and even following pages and their suggested peole to follow, or their own followers! If you’re a local business I’d definately suggest going on your competitor’s pages and checking out their followers and just earning their trust by commenting and liking. 

Some might think that’s weird to do! But to be honest, everyone appreciates a stranger stopping by their profile. Whether their goal is to be more famous or not- people like to be appreciated! And what you can do it just comment a thing or two on their picture, or even direct them to another insta profile that might be interesting for them to look at! 

Like the book the “Go Giver, Sell More!” Says, your goal should be to just add value to someones life. In doing this people will learn to trust you, begin to like you, get to know you and you will be making more sales! At the end of the day this is a publicity game, meet more people-you’ll make more money!

But, if that sounds like a lot of work don’t let the work stop you from reaching your goals on growing your business, or gaining more fans and followers! Just let us take care of all of this for you right here: 

Location, location, location

 What really makes Instagram such a powerful networking tool is really its “Location” feature. Any kind of local business- especially a martial arts school could benefit from this feature because people that live around you are tagging their location.

You can even tag your city on your story and minimize it so that no one sees it! So no one misses out on any action, and you get plenty of views from people who are local, or even people planning to move close by! People moving in might be checking out the city’s story to get more of an insider of what goes on in a city.

Try it yourself! Look up in the “locations” tab your own city- and just hit the story’s circle and get an insight on what people do!