How to get to top 1% on Onlyfans – Onlyfans Tips & Tricks

Last updated on September 13th, 2023 at 03:52 pm

How to make $10000 a month and get to the top 1% on Onlyfans

$10000 and reaching the top 1% is a common number and goal for many new Onlyfans content but most never reach either one. Why do so many Onlyfans models get stuck and give up before getting the top 1% or making $10000 in one month? Today we will explore the reasons why many Onlyfans content creators fail, and why others succeed with the digital marketing experts at ThinkExpansion.

At ThinkExpansion we have worked with many models to grow their Onlyfans accounts, Instagram accounts and Fansly accounts and we have noticed a few things. Many models open Onlyfans accounts expecting it to be a get rich quick scheme. This type of model is not consistent with content on their Onlyfans, doesn’t want to pay for Onlyfans promo and only uses cheap or free Onlyfans promo (which doesn’t work), and often gives up after a few weeks of not making $10000 a month.

The models that succeed on Onlyfans and reach the top 1% or make over $10000 a month do things very differently. Ask yourself, how do you promote your Onlyfans?


To get results and build an organic fanbase for your Onlyfans on Reddit you need to find subreddits, make over 20 posts a day in different subreddits, and make sure you’re always rotating your content.                                                                                                                                                           Do you have the time in the day to make 20 posts a day on Reddit?

:-Dating apps?

Are you scrolling 24 hours a day on Tinder, Bumble and Hinge 24 hours a day to message the few out of hundred who might actually subscribe to your Onlyfans? Don’t forget you also have to add them on Snapchat to send your Onlyfans link

:-Instagram and Twitter?  

Instagram and Twitter?  Are you following and unfollowing hundreds of people a day on Instagram and Twitter to boost your perceived clout? What about making multiple posts a day on Twitter and Instagram to get people curious enough to subscribe to your Onlyfans?

:-Messaging the fans?

 Are you constantly glued to your phone negotiating pricing for custom videos with hundreds of broke, lonely creeps? Sounds fun!

Many of our top models in the top 1% let us do all the leg work to grow their Onlyfans, by allowing us to promote your Reddit, Instagram, Twitter and dating app accounts to grow your Onlyfans it allows you to focus on what’s important, making content for your Onlyfans and enjoying your life while hopefully reaching the top 1% if your work ethic and content are good.