How Digital Marketing Works

Last updated on May 7th, 2024 at 10:08 am

How Digital Marketing Works

Your Raw & Uncut Guide To Choosing The Best Digital Marketing Solution For You

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*The vast majority of businesses lose money in social media marketing.* That’s a bold fact yet true, and ignored these days with all the courses and the people on upwork telling you they could do what you need, but can’t help bring in the amount of business you need to keep the doors open. 

If you feel like you’re confused, whether you need to go through Facebook ads, google ads, youtube ads, maybe even SEO or whatever it is and you need to find what works and FAST then you’re in the right place. 

I’m going to explain exactly how you could find something that works for you. YES for YOU. You could read a book, take a course, paint a picture, hit the club and then come right back next week and still not understand where to go with your business, but if you simply read this article- you’ll understand everything you need to know about choosing the right digital marketing solution for you!

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“How Much Money You Got?”

How Digital Marketing Works

If you looked at this and thought how much would this cost me? The real question is how much would this make you? Businesses need money to fix problems. You’ve got a hole in the wall, it cost some money to fix it, digital marketing works the same way- it cost money to fix the hole in your business that’s causing customers to go from your business to another’s

No one likes hearing the honest truth, and that’s why I have to keep things raw and uncut– you need to realize that you’re not going to spend a few hundred dollars and have a lead magnet that generates thousands of super interested easy to work with leads who are ready to buy right here and now!

Now here’s where I’m going to keep it easy for you, whether you’re a super small business, or a very big corporation you’re going to find value in this article and you’re going to find a golden nugget for each and every person. Just look out for the titles in red!

Small Businesses 1-9 Employees

Depending on the type of business you are would be the best approach. But for now I’m going to use the typical martial arts school- the one that I’m very very passionate about working with, and the pizzeria, another business that I’m very passionate about working with also.

Both these business models work 2 different ways, the school (dojo) would be one that needs leads. They need people to opt-in, give them information, and say I’m ready to rock!

The pizzeria needs people to just show up, or remember their name next time they want a pizza. Now how can we make this happen? Through constant contact.

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For years restaurants never even thought of collecting leads what are they doing cold-calling? 

“Hey it’s papa john if you got just 60 seconds I’d like to explain what kind of dough we use got a minute?”

It doesn’t work that way! But what we are able to do is grab their information as well, put them on a text and email list- and constantly send out offers!

As of right now if your business can’t afford to pay for “general” advertisement, those big 13 week advertisement campaigns that may or may not yield in some kind of result then you need to focus on our heart and soul here at Think Expansion. Direct response!

If you kept in contact with them with this method, if you had a football game, a rave, edc, ultra music festival, whatever it is- you would get right to the cell phone AND email of your potential customers no matter how far down the line later. you’ve paid for leads! 

A business can always use a prospect, and a customer am I right? 

If you’re a small business and you want to know what’s the most efficient way to do this for you I want you to understand it VARIES.

It varies because your business might be in a location with not too many people, it varies because you might not have a product that is sellable so easily or requires a very specific group of people online or offline, I want to offer you this.

A free 15 minute consultation session over the phone with someone from Think Expansion, and we’ll assess your situation and give you the tools you need to grow your business! Absolutely FREE!

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How Digital Marketing Works

10-19 Employees

Well at this point you’re rocking. You need leads, but now at this point you have a bit more money to invest, and you’ve probably got a few people in this organization that are depending on you for their kids college fund. 

Or their $997 course fund with the way things are going nowadays right? Other story for another time, but let’s talk about the best approach for you. 

Say you’re a car dealership- what you want are people who are more interested, people who are walking the lot and who are ready to buy, not coming in their to get out of the rain. You need people who are ready to give you their money who are HUNGRY. 

At this point I’d like to tell you that facebook is a great option but there’s a way to approach this so you don’t lose as much of your time as you could be speaking to unqualified and un-interested prospects, or working the phone as much in getting them very interested. (Nothing wrong with that by the way)

What you must do in fact is run campaigns to get them in your funnel, or on your website. If they’re on the website that’s kind of like them coming to the door of the dealership, and “just looking.”

Now secretly I’ve lured you into this funnel. Yes, I’m so evil aren’t I? 

Right here is where you gather interest, then follow up a second time around on facebook seeing if they’re ready to buy- much like what you’re going to be receiving shortly after watching this. 

That way you’ll not only find people who are interested– but you’ll be able to give them a little double-tap which screams “HEY! I WANT TO BUY!” 

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20+ Employees

big business digital marketing

Now this constitutes a company that’s still a small business but this can work whether you have 28 employees and deliver food out of the van, or a 80 employee company developing an app that’s growing in popularity. 

Your business depends on not only traffic but funnels. At this point you need to automate certain pieces of your business to make everything work as smoothly as possible. Maybe you use these already- maybe you’re just now hearing about them but hear me out…

Here you have to be more than anything concerned about your positioning in the market. You’re just now dissecting into the market and establishing yourself in the minds of your customers- but I want you to understand one thing.

How can you connect with your customers better? Not only the customers you already have, but how can you find the pains of others who don’t know about your business yet- think they don’t need you yet still reach out to them and make them a customer?

This takes something called preframe articles, or advertorials. Establishing pages or blogs that talk all about this stuff so when someone looks for a solution on google- they find you right away! 

Now just for you, I want to help you. For one month FREE I want to do your SEO for you, just pay me afterward for the next month for the results I got you!

SEO is search engine optimization- which basically means getting to the top of google whenever someone looks for something remotely close to your business! 

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