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You won’t have to do it ever again!

  • Get seen on “Top”: Get seen on the “top” section under your hashtags when using our built-in algorithm
  •  Rank on “Explore”: Posts with the most relevant hashtags have a higher chance of being seen on the explore page!
  •  Risk FREE! You don’t have to worry about getting suspended, shadow banned, blocked from ANYTHING EVER!
  •  Unlimited Reach! Hashtags are seen by millions everyday! Now you only have to worry about your content!

Hashtags are the only 100% legit way to grow your account! You can use bots, and post at certain times, and Instagram has for sure changed their algorithm to fit what everyone would prefer to see. BUT they could NEVER touch the power of hash tagging! If you’re here that means you’ve most likely read an article that mentions this, how you have to use hash tags, but then you’ve asked yourself, but why does it even matter? So many people post EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY under the same hashtag, what am I supposed to do?


  •  Stop Wasting Money! Boosting your posts to increase impressions, and then getting disappointed how you’ve spent so much and the vast majority did NOT interact with your profile
  •  Stop Spamming People! You no longer have to send your stories to other people, ask your friends to look at your insta, and bother a million people for a shoutout! 
  •  Get Followers Who WANT to Follow You! Be shown to people who like/ interact with content like yours now!

Why Hastags?

  • 1) Your First Step To Success – We Collect a couple hundred hashtags to use for your account based on the niche and its popularity
  • 2)Your own personal Hashtags– We divide the research on ‘related hashtags’ of the starting hashtags you provide
  • 3) Intelligent Software! –The hashtags will then be divided into 3 stages based on your accounts engagement rate, and it will make recommendations to which hashtags to use, and this can always be changed manually!

Our Reviews:


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Think Expansion Hashtag Research

Review of Think Expansion’s work – My first impressions
I’ve just received my research… and I’m very positively impressed! 🙂
I still have to post some content and test it… but the datas are there and now, I think, is how I use them.
+ fast delivery
+ price convenient (even the full price is super convenient, in my opinion)
+ clear and kind communication
+ clear and neat files
+ a lot (for me) of hashtags to play with! 🙂
+ after the delivery…Think Expansion added some more stuff! this is a great surprise for me! 🙂
– still no one… really!
NB: this review wasn’t requested by Think Expansion I’m just happy of what I’ve received (more than I’ve expected) 🙂
A Happy Customer
Peter A. (Owns IT Instagram)
A little feedback on my first test with the work provided:
 I am on the top 9 of all the hashtags used
As instructed by Jayson I used a mix of “low”, “medium” and “high” hashtags (related to the size and engagement of my account) 🙂
Professor Winokur (Happy Client)
The communication was great, the delivery – really fast. 
I have received the reports which are organized perfectly on the day he told me that they will be in my Email. 
I have to mention that I have done my own hashtag research before I purchased this service, but they found some other goldens which is awesome! What I like the most is the row of the chance to rank in Top 9. Saves a lot of time and if I use those hashtags, I rank in Top 9 100% of the time. 
I am writing this now because I gave the hashtags some time to see how they will perform. They performed PERFECTLY!  
As a wrap, great people to work with, knows what they are doing and I would definitely give them a chance to choose the best hashtags for my profile. Plus, the price is really low for what you get… Saves a lot of time too!
Liaka (Now Social Media Client)
I just purchased and want to ask why you are only charging $150 for this???? I have been in the IM space for ~4 years now and have NEVER received this much value for such a good price.  
For just $150 I received an incredibly detailed (but easy to follow) spreadsheet, along with a guide that shows you how to effectively use the spreadsheet. The hashtags are sorted in order of average likes in the top pictures. I’ve done a fair amount of hashtag research on my own but they still found incredibly niche-relevant hashtags that I didn’t even know existed! 
Props to you for this incredible service, but you are batshit crazy for only doing this for $150..

Just a 1 Time Payment For a Lifetime!

No Subscription, This will last you A LIFETIME

The research file comes with an easy to use free guide, for you to understand how exactly to use hashtags for your complete benefit! So as your likes grow, and your following grows you can simply change the values on the top, and all the recommendations of the hashtags you should use will change also!

  •  I Want: Real Engagement from people who are actually looking for my content
  •  I Want: Real impressions from people who find me on the explore page!
  •  I Want: To worry about bettering my content, and to STOP WORRYING about how I’m going to get more people to see this

I choose to say NO to fake followers

A tool provided by Think Expansion!

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