Text and email marketing to clients

Dynamic Emails

Emails to your clients are a profound way of reminding them just how important they are to you. Especially after using their service, a nice email with a newsletter on all the latest news on your industry, is always a sign of customer attentiveness! These customers are valuable to you, and must be treated as they should be.

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If you own an E-Commerce business, a law firm, or even a dentist office emails/ text messages are a powerful way to spread the word on new products, holiday deals, and special offers! Especially to keep those customers loyal!


Stop selling and start closing! On average it takes a prospect 100 times of seeing you online, before they start to buy from you. What better way to keep you on their mind, than in a mailbox they check several times every single day?

Move Forward

When it comes to internet marketing, at Think Expansion we’re focused on the ever-evolving internet. The trends that are set everyday, and we disregard what is old, and make comfort with the new. New opportunities are being opened up everyday with these tools we use constantly! So, we might as well use them to our advantage!

Text Messages

“98% of Text messages are opened within 2 minutes of receiving them!”

text message marketing, sms marketing

"Do people really use text messaging to interact with a business?"

YES! Confirmation, and verification, customer service, coupons and offers are all used daily by businesses to help and push their business! And the results are phenomenal!

customers opt in for sms marketing

"Why do customers even opt into text messaging?

Speed. Like you, I, Everyone wants speed! Text messaging results in quick and easy access for your customers to get to the offers, coupon codes, and receipts that they need! On top of that, customers simply like the idea of mobile marketing for keeping them in the loop about your company!

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