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Branding Services

Branding is what we do! Think Expansion is a branding and marketing agency centrally located in Miami. We design, logos, we make videos, and the best part about all of this is the brand story we make for you!

Direct Mail for Martial Arts Schools

Direct mail is great for a martial arts school who wants to expand! Getting to someone as soon as they move into the neighborhood is the best time to give someone a warm welcome. Of course, the last thing you want to do is shoot from the hip, when sending your flyers, or coupons, or welcome letters out- you need to make sure you have one thing before you go all out.

Dynamic Email Marketing

Emails to your clients are a profound way of reminding them just how important they are to you. Especially after using their service, a nice email with a newsletter on all the latest news on your industry, is always a sign of customer attentiveness!

Facebook Marketing

With well over a billion monthly active users, Facebook is the largest and most powerful social media advertising platform in the world. Taking advantage of that platform, however, can be a difficult challenge. We’ve designed the most next level marketing ads, along with a next level marketing strategy because we here at Think Expansion, always think about your expansion in the only way that matters. How can we sell more?


Free Consultation

A social media/ website audit is a time consuming process that most marketing agencies would only consider doing after you’ve already signed up with them.

Free Trial 

Try our instagram marketing services before you put the money down!

7-Day Business Transformation from no leads to too many to handle!

 When first venturing out into an internet marketing agency, whether in LA, Miami, or even in the humble suburbs of Vail, Colorado your business needs to stick itself out there, far beyond obscurity!

 Finding the right digital marketing agency for your law firm

 When it comes to finding the right marketing agency for you it can be a tedious process. We’ve interviewed plenty of clients who ask us questions that have nothing to do with how we’d benefit their business, and plenty of clients who get disappointed, and even in some cases sue their marketing agency because they weren’t happy with their results…

 Instagram and martial arts marketing

 Instagram is definitely a powerful marketing tool for martial arts schools. Instagram can definitely be a huge game changer if you know how to use it! See, it doesn’t really add up to sales in the beginning- but this is called content marketing.

 Instagram fan base

 The Best Thing For ICO’s, Local Businesses, Online Businesses, MLM, Influencers, and MORE.

 Instagram updates, pricing, and marketing

 Due to instagrams new updates, we had to unfortunately shut down all of our operations. Instagram was just killing everyone, and many of our competitors have just closed their doors. However, we were able to stay alive by the grace of our network engineers we have on our team that we are blessed to work with…

 Internet marketing to the affluent in florida

 Is this what the ultra high net-worth want to hear when they buy something? Not necessarily… We all know that if these people heard these words they would in fact, be repelled by these words. If you want to focus on marketing to the affluent in Florida then this is the most important article you’ll read all year…

Internet marketing in miami

Think Expansion is an internet marketing agency in Miami, Florida it provides internet marketing to businesses small or large, martial arts schools, even chiropractors and barbershops all across the US. 

 What we do for law firms like you…

 To grow your practice, you need two things: high-value cases and a steady flow of new clients. But the cases and the clients you want aren’t finding their way to your practice—they’re going elsewhere.

 Martial arts marketing
 So you want to grow your school in all its entirety? Maybe you chose a bad location, maybe you’re tired of the “slow seasons.” 

You know, the ones that come by when summer comes in and everyone wants to go on vacation?

Martial arts marketing in Miami, Florida

From cutler ridge all the way up to coral springs, marketing martial arts in south Florida is different, very different! Since miami especially is a very populated area there’s too much competition, and too many big names.

 Martial arts marketing materials

 The flyers, the billboards, the free school lessons in hopes of exposure, those days are all over now. Direct mail, tv, and newspaper advertising are all things of the past at this point! See, marketing will never change in a sense, because everything we use nowadays to market on the internet is just a simple transition from the things in the past…

 More students for my Jiu Jitsu school

 Jiu Jitsu is actually one of our favorite martial arts. Reason being? It has an incredible amount of leverage (no pun intended!) 

Jiu Jitsu is one of the only martial arts that doesn’t require you to get hurt in the process of learning, yeah you tap out- maybe you get some bruises- but nothing like getting a rib broken or punched in the mouth! When it comes to marketing it to parent’s we’ve seen leads for as low as 78 cents a lead!

Next level Instagram growth

    Instagram growth has changed over the years. What worked before doesn’t work now, and digital marketing is now something that only a strong team could manage to do… 

Our Mission
We always over deliver, and we hand pick the clients work with. This is not just your average local marketing company, this is a movement.

Our Offer

What are we offering?

PPC Marketing in Miami, Florida

PPC (Pay Per Click) is tricky! Especially ppc in miami, ft lauderdale, pembroke pines- because these are such highly populated places!

Refund and cancellation policy

Our refund and cancellation policies

Social media management services in miami
Today the world is a mess, chaotic, even unpredictable. Businesses offer focus. To make the most of that opportunity, businesses must have attention, they must have a way to be able to reach their clients… 

Your plan of action as a dojo

Noticing that you do not have a Facebook pixel on your website meanwhile your competitors do, is a definite red flag for your business. Here at Think Expansion we focus on only one client per zip code, and if you are reading this, that means you are definitely a candidate for complete domination, and on the road to scaling your dojo!